Construction Specialist/ESTIMATING and Management


           Tuskegee Institute 

            Bachelor of Arts Architecture, 1976


            Certified Renovation Specialist, 1977

            Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, NARC
            Construction Law Certificate, 1984

            McGraw Hill Certified Training in Cost Estimating, 1988

            AutoCAD Training, Release, 11, 12 & 13

            Southern Polytechnic University 1998  Training Estimating and Construction. scheduling


Mr. Paige has over 25 years experience in construction administration. His responsibility is the development of project cost estimates and the construction administration of all projects including site inspections, construction review, and the overall management during the construction process.  The following is a partial listing of his relevant experience:

            Changing The Generation , Greater Saint Stephens, June 2008

Completion of the sanctuary expansion for the building. Completed Design, Costing and         Management of this facility. The project expanded itself to seat 3100 people for the sanctuary for Bishop Paul S. Morton Jr.,

            Medical College of Georgia, May 2008

Managed construction and completed estimate of new laboratory facility for the          purpose of budget delivery to the board or Regents State of Georgia. Estimate was completed and construction cost final was with 2.5 percent of the estimated cost completed by the Firm.

Dr. Hyde Nance, South Fulton Petcare, Mar 2008

            South Fulton Pet Care   Vetinary Clinic Design and Construction .

            Hartsfield –Jackson Airport-, August 2007

Logistical Planning & Design of concourse Renovations and Improvement and (APM) Mall areas automated people mover system of seven Train stations at the airport. 30 million dollars of improvements and construction. Managed the construction of the Fire Station #33, New station for the new 5th Runway airport.

            Trinity Church (Mary Hall), June 2007

Completed women and children Shelter at Trinity church. Renovations in 125 year old church facility managed construction and completion of all sub contracts and architectural finish work.

Dekalb County Jail, Dec 2006

Dekalb County, Georgia Kitchen Modifications and improvement 

.5 million Facility

             Morris Brown College, Dec. 2003

Design-build of 2 campus housing units; other projects included President’s suite, high-rise partition repairs, and full renovation of the Calhoun Day Care Center.

            Clark Atlanta Center Student Dorms, Dec 2003

Construction of emergency housing 10,000 SF modular housing building.  Development and planning of campus center, which is the site for parking decks and student union building, with arts and humanities building planned for the future. Developed campus promenade for this area.

Atlanta Olympic Games Olympic Stadium, May, 1996

Develop the architectural program estimate for the project in Association with S.A. William's and Associates. Completed the cost estimate and programmed improvements with the architectural team prior to the project being assigned to construction manager. The estimate was 264 million dollars for project.

            1996 Paralympics, May, 1996

Completed improvements at the Quicksilver training facility for the 1996 USA Paralympics Team Trials. Managed all Handicap accessibility requirements. Responsible for the Design and Construction Management of all site-related improvements.


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